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Post  shafeekri on Thu Jun 23, 2011 7:43 am

Shafeekri (Shuh-fEE-kree)

The name's Jag..Shreyas Jaganmohan. As you may have noticed in the previous sentence, I'm not the smoothest guy. However, I'll say I am pretty chill. My intentions are not to start stating random activities and events that go on my life and things I like to do, like those internet dating websites e.g. eHarmony,, etc. Nevertheless, I'd like to state Dungeons and Dragons was always something I wanted to delve into but never had the time due to my motive to be successful in the educational institution, carry a well rounded life by being somewhat social and spend time with the family.

I like girls. Fact. Did I just contradict myself by stating a random fact about myself?FALSE.

Shreyas Jag


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